Pegasus AeroNautics 

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our History

20 plus years and counting...

It’s hard to believe, but 2014 represents our 21st year in business.   Over the years we have not only taught many people how to fly, we have specialized in teaching maximum performance flying into back country strips, mountainous terrain, and rough off field operating procedures.   We are grateful to those customers that supported us in purchasing our aircraft flap modification kits
and our tailwheel aircraft tow carts – they helped us pave the way into manufacturing.  Our staff FAA Designated Engineer is still available for aviation consultant work.

We love working on airplanes

Certified, Homebuilt, Antique, or Warbirds we have had the opportunity to work on many types of aircraft over the years and still find time to get out there and promote aviation.  If you get stuck and need a hand, if you need a custom part fabricated; wood, steel, or fiberglass, drop us a line and lets see if we can help.  We have certification experience in mechanical, electrical, and aircraft combustion power plants.

Avionics and Electronics Expertise

Electrical systems is a specialty of ours, we have long history of experience working on and designing aircraft electrical systems and aircraft avionics.  Whether your application is for a simple modification to an existing aircraft or a complex full up electrical design in your Warbird or Homebuilt aircraft, our staff has had the practical experience to consult with you and help you take on the project.  In recent years we have taken this historical knowledge and applied it to marine applications, we look forward to the day when we can offer full up electrical kits covering solar, wind, battery and inverter systems to keep your boat fully self sufficient.

 Custom Boat Modifications

In more recent years we have been able to apply our experience in aviation to marine applications.  With over 5000 square feet of hangar space we are able to work indoors and can take on large projects from major fiberglass repairs and modifications to full boat custom paint jobs. 

Its through this vast experience in aviation, marine, electronics, and manufacturing that we have been able to pull together a great foundation for the developement and production of our Marine Instruments which we are curretly marketing.  More is yet to come!

Pegasus AeroNautics LLC and FLYorSAIL.COM

Pegasus AeroNautics is a DBA for Pegasus AeroNautics LLC. The privately held limited liability corporation which is family owned and operated is located at the Independence State Airport in Independence Oregon. FLYorSAIL.COM is the current web address primarily dedicated to Aviation and Marine products developed by Pegasus AeroNautics LLC.  All information presented on this website is the intellectual property of Pegasus AeroNautics LLC.